Getting an error while importing ALM 12.53 project qcp in 15.5.1 version.

I am getting below-mentioned error when trying to import a project qcp file from 12.53  to  15.5.1.

Project export from 12.53 was successful but when importing the same QCP file in 15.5.1 I get this error. This error was captured in ALM sa logs wirh debug mode.

Some of the other QCP files I have successfully imported in this environment but for 2-3 projects I am getting this error.

Please suggest how can I fix this.


Ankit Ranka 


  • Do you have more details about the log to share?

    If not, I would suggest to contact Micro Focus Support team for help.

  • It looks like the connection is permanently terminated while uploading the qcp file to ALM application server.

    To narrow down the root case, you could verify the same by accessing ALM from server machine locally, in case it is the network/reverse proxy/load balancer issue. 

    You could also use a tool like wireshark to capture the network traffic and see where the connection termination originated (client or server)