ALM Lab Management in a Citrix environment

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I am trying to use the Lab Management in a Citrix environment. I installed the lab service on the Citrix master (with Autologin, entered the credentials, but didn't registered the machine as a host). The image from Citrix master was updated, so that when I choose a provided pool and a machine from it, I have the lab service installed on it and already running on it (even though it was in a stopping mode when installed on the master machine).

When I look in the lab service settings on the machine from the pool, the "Host name" is set to Citrix master machine and is "hardcoded", so that I can't change it to the computer name of Citrix client.

Is there any way to establish, after starting the Citrix client form the pool, to automatically change the host name in lab service settings and also to automatically register the host?

Maybe somehow with a (batch) script? 

Do some changes have to be done in the windows registry? If yes, does anyone has had the experience to do that?

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  • Greetings,

    Thanks for submitting this request,

    It looks like what you are trying to accomplish is not part of the Lab Service functionality. Please notice that you must register the hostname first from the Lab Service Settings before running executions on it from Lab Management.

    Your request seems to be related to a customized way of doing this which is not currently available at least from support side.

    I will be attentive for your comments,

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  • Hello,

    thanks for your reply :)

    Yes, it's not a "out-of-the-box" solution. I was just wondering if anyone in the community has had faced a similiar requirement, where the hostname registration can be done in an automated fashion on citrix machines.

    I was able to execute remote tests in a non-citrix scenario (installing the Lab Service and configuring the settings, adding and registering the hosts in the Lab Management, and exectuing the tests from ALM).

    Just like you said, it needs a customized way of resolving this. Nevertheless it is hard to imagine that the HP colleagues haven't had a request from customer side to support them during the process of finding a solution for a scenario as described (how to establsih a remote test execution in a citrix environment).

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Thanks once again!

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  • Hi Asado,

    I'm trying to accomplish the same thing and was able to solve the registration part using the following procedure:
    1. Create a script for installing HpAlmLabService_x64.msi in silent mode using parameter REGISTER=1 and supplying credentials (see manual)
    2. Put this script and the msi file on the Citrix master so that it is available on all clones
    3. Create a scheduled task to be run on system startup executing this script (e. g. use schtasks)

    This worked for me; I can do a 'Check Host' and 'Reboot Host' remotely now. Executing VAPI-XP tests remotely does not work yet due to a DCOM issue, I think.
    Best regards,