Default SA login pwd (SQL server 2005) set by QC 11 starter edition installation

Does anybody know what the default pwd for SA login (SQL server 2005) is set to by QC 11 starter edition installation ? I emphasize MS sql server 2005 was installed during QC 11 server configuration, it didnt ask me to pick a password for SA login, the QC 11 config process used some default pwd.

  • If you install SQL Express during the Starter edition installation you are always prompted for the sa password.

    If SQL Server was already installed, you need to find out from the person who installed it what password should be used for sa.

    Actually what happened was I installed QC 11 few weeks ago together with sql server 2005, but wasnt able to configure the server due to tasklist error, recently i was abe to get around that error and configure the server, during server config it didnt ask me for SA pwd, hence i thought it was using some default pwd, but it may have prompted me for SA pwd during initial installation about a month ago, i cant say for sure, i just dont remember.


    Anyway, to make the long story short, I used windows authentication to log into the SQL server and change pwd for SA login. Initially i was afraid to do this coz i thought it may affect QC 11 start up, but as it turned out it didnt. I just had to restart QC 11 for new project creation, now everything works fine.