Install Warnings & Errors

I receive this warning trying to install trial QC 11.0 at the HP ALM Platform service step:  "Secondary Logon service is down, and cannot validate JBoss user. By continuing , you confirm that the JBoss user has the necessary privileges and prerequistes to run JBoss as a service."


If I click "Yes" it fails at the Database Server step:

"You must run the installation with the same user name that is used to run JBoss as a service."  Which to my knowledge, I am doing.





  • Hi Tahoe,


    Is your repository stored on a remote location accessed using the Universal resource locator eg. \\sharefoler\repository?


    if it is, it could be that your user that you are installing ALM with is not a Domain user.

    you would need a domain user with admin privillege on the repository computer as well as the computer that you are installing ALM on. 

    Check if this is the case.


    another possibility is that if you are using SQLserver with Windows authentication, then you must make use of the same user that is used for SQLserver authentication as the one using to install ALM/JBOSS (currently logged on) and must also be a domain user and a member of the local administrtor group on the computer.



  • Hi Tahoe,


    There might be a possibility that the "Secondary Logon" windows service disabled on the server.


    Following steps will Enable "Secondart Logon" service:

    1. Click Start, point to Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.

    2. From the right pane of the Services Window, find the service "Secondary Logon" listed in the Name column.

    3. Double-click the "Secondary Logon" service which shows the Secondary Logon Properties for server.

    4. If the Startup Type is "Disabled" change it to "Manual" or "Automatic".

    5. If the Service Status is "Stopped". Click on the Start button to start the service.


    Once the Secondary Login service is started, retry the installation.