Before installing...

Before the installation is started, please check the system requirements' page in order to get familiar with the supported and also recommended environments:

  • Looking trough the System Minimum Requirements and Recommended Environments I found a note that states: "For large production deployments it is recommended that ALM/QC be deployed on 64 bit systems."


    What do you consider to be a large production deployment ?? Also if QC is deployed on 32 bit systems, Could you anticipate the size of degeneration on the performance ?


    Our actual infrastructure of hardware and software complies with the minimum system requirements, but I would like to analyze the possibility to upgrade the operating system, going from Win2003 SP2 32bit to Win2008 64bit, replace SQL 2005 SP4 for SQL 2008 64bit to work under the recommended environment specifications schema. Do you mind to advice me in these matters.


    Thanks in advance