Upgrade from ALM 12.55 to 15.5

Your support please with documentation to perform an update of the ALM, we currently have version 12.55 and we want to update it to 15.5.

We have first cloned the application server and database server with ALM 12.55 version. In these cloned servers, the application server needs to point to the CLONED Database server but it cannot, it still points to the BASE database server.

  • Hi Paul,

    I did this upgrade last year with a whole new Appserver and new DB-Server. I exported and deactivated each project one by one, moved the export and imported them directly on the App-server. Needs some more space, but during the import you enter the new db-connection.

    Alternativly you can remove (not delete) the instances and update in the dbid.xml the <DB_CONNSTR_FORMAT> and <DBSERVER_NAME> manually before restoring the project.

    Best and easiest way is to use the ALM Robot, which has to have connection between every server instance.