How to migrate projects from ALM 12.01 to a new server with ALM 12.55


I just installed ALM 12.55, in windows 2016 and sql server 2016, my productive system is currently in ALM 12.01 and I want to migrate all projects to the new environment, I reviewed the guide but I can not find the exact procedure to follow, I hope you can help me.


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Saúl Robles

  • Chapter 3 in the Installation and Upgrade guide provides pretty detailed information on pre-requisites, pre-upgrade and post-installation tasks for the different types of upgrade scenarios.

    Which one is giving you trouble?


  • Hello,


    Exactly I don't know what steps to follow, I have read something about it but I can't identify the right path, I think the steps to follow would be:

    1. Make a check of the project to migrate
    2. Deactivate the project.
    3. Make a backup and restore on the new database server.
    4. Restore the project in the new ALM environment
    5. Update project in new ALM environment

    I don't know if these steps are correct, but what happens with the repository files, when can I copy them?

    I hope you can help me.

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    Saúl Robles

  • Hello,

    I have another question, before restoring the projects, is it mandatory to restore first the "LAB_PROJECT" or can I leave the one that was generated during the installation ?

    If I restore it, what happens with the password of the "Site administrator User"?

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    Saúl R

  • Hi Saúl,

    Please don't get me wrong - but if this is a "real" production system with more than a few users I'd suggest to get hands-on support by someone who migrated ALM servers before.

    That's why I do not install or migrate PROD ALM servers - I've done this various times for test environments but PROD systems are a different story since one might loose "real" data.



  • Hello Dirk:


    The environment in which I am working is development, fortunately this system is a new installation and I can have the real system and development simultaneously, even so you see that there are risks of losing information ?

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    Saúl R.

  • Saul

    Generally speaking, the process of migration is roughly what you've outlined in steps 1-5. 

    The upgrade guide covers most upgrade scenarios but there's always situations out there with unique requirements that require greater scrutiny and planning. 

    Upgrading a single ALM server with a dozen projects is a very different job than migrating a clustered ALM server with hundreds of project to new infrastructure with synchronization involved.  You won't find a document that describes every possible situation down to the last click.

    Data loss, while very rare, can happen.  Projects can become corrupted and require remediation.  Users who ignore instructions and don't check in their version-controlled artifacts prior to the upgrade could lose their changes. And of course, mistakes are possible too.

    As Dirk mentioned, if you're not comfortable doing the upgrade, then hire a Micro Focus partner who has the expertise, and learn from their experience and process.

    If this is not possible, try creating a dummy project on your 12.01 server and go through the steps to migrate it to your new server.

    Check with your DBAs and system admins sure you have your DBs, projects and repository folders backed up (never assume), and make sure you use different DB servers and repository paths to avoid overwriting your production data.