ALM Application Monitoring Aspects for application Maintenance

Dear Peers,

Could you please provide your valuable ideas on the monitoring aspects that have to be considered in ALM application across all the projects and environment to take necessary maintenance steps ( weekly or monthly ) and also provide value add to the application.

I came up with the below points, definitely there will be many more, could you please help me on those from your experience. Thanks for your help in advance!

S.No   Monitoring  Aspect                                                                 Value add/ Purpose


1Application availabilityMonitor application availability and take necessary steps if any downtime reported.
2License UtilizationIf License utilization reaches maximum consistently for 2 months span , proposal for increasing licenses should to be made.
3Active & Inactive projects listInactive projects can be considered for archival and they can be considered for deletion for saving space on production server & repository.
4Users who left organization ( Not found in AD)Deactivate those users in application since they are no more in organization.
5High Space(DB/Repository) consumed projectsWe can implement rules like restricting large size attachments etc.
6User Roles AuditCheck whether roles are provided to users as per their training completion. If not , remove the non complaint roles.



  • Hi Srihari,

    You've raised a very interesting topic!

    Some other monitoring aspects - depending on the size & criticality and the monitoring tool available you might consider:

    • Performance of the ALM environment
      • Measure duration of different tasks like login, create defect, create report, ...
      • Load on ALM server(s), database(s)
    • Ensure only approved user groups are used, e.g.
      • No standard groups are used, only customer-specific
      • No TDAdmin or similar in use
    • Ensure only approved users / services use OTA or REST API (e.g. via SiteAdmin API)