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Add favorites to the Test Runs Module

Status : New Idea

Hello Team 


Usually in ALM, the favorites are added on a filtered page and this feature is available in the following modules.

  • Requirements.
  • Test Plan.
  • Test Lab.
  • Defects.

 Please add this functionality to the Test runs module as well 


Test Run
  • This would be really great to have this feature to support the users and make the tool more user friendly. We have around 2000 users in our HP ALM, all supporting different roll-outs in the organization and the Favourite option is broadly used in the Defects module. The added value is (if I would give example on the Defects) - we can group the defects per the roll-outs (detected in cycle)  and set the columns that we need to standardize the view and ensure that all users see the same columns.

    This really helps especially to users who support several roll-outs and need to switch the filters regularly.

    Therefore, it would be really appreciated if the feature would be also in Test Runs module.