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ALM and ALM synchronizer 15.5 in 64bits version !!

CamilBlm CamilBlm
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Micro Focus is announcing the End of Committed Support of ALM Synchronizer (all versions) as of May 31, 2023, providing Micro Focus Connect Core as a replacement,

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Our teams use ALM Synchronizer15.5  v32bits tool to synchronize Defects from ALM to the IBM Clearquest v32bits tool.

Clearquest support informed me that it is ready to upgrade  Clearquest 32bits tool to the 64bits version.

I wonder if Micro focus has planned a 64bits version for ALM Synchronizer?

The problreme, if ALM and ALM Synchronizer will not have 64bits version, we should choose to opt out of Micro focus ALM Synchronizer for another synchronization tool and that does not suit anyone.

Thank you for your feedback an your help.

(See:  RE: 01947273-(ALM) ALM Synchronizer 32bit to ALM Synchronizer 64bit )