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ALM/QC – an option is needed to assign a defect to a user group

Dirk Paus Dirk Paus
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In our ALM project we have several teams that are working on defects. Each team has a own user group in ALM e.g. “Defect Responsible Team A”. Now we would like assign a defect to such a user group:

In ALM groups can’t be selected in user fields - Would you check, if would it be possible to enhanced user fields for groups selection ?
In addition the groups should be also shown in “To” section of “project customization” / module Automail, to notify the group members by defect changes.


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    Once a defect is assigned to a group, an automail should be generated to each group member. Afterwards anyone in group should review this defect.


    After assigning a defect to a group, what's the next step on the process? Who should review this defect? Anyone in the group or a dedicated person in the group?

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    We do plan to introduce a notion of "Team" for defects. more details will follow as they are finalized.

  • Thanks - We know this workaround, but it is not applicable for us in large environments.

    Assigning defects to groups should be an ALM standard functionality (without generating additional WF or setting up external DL).

  • You can achieve following below steps:

    1. Create Outlook Distribution List. eg. @Defect_Responsible_Team-A, email:

    2. Add users of "Defect Responsible Team A" group in the distribution list created in step #1

    3. Create a user in ALM site. User name can as per your company username convention or I would create username like DefectResponsibleTeamA

    4. While creating user Put the full name of user same as Distribution List name and email should be the same email of distribution list

    5. Now, add this user to the project and assign role

    This will help you to submit a defect to the Group called "Defect Responsible Team A" and if your Automail has Assign To checked mark, all users belonging to the Distribution List will get notification.