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API REST - Site admin

Igor-alexandre Kassis Igor-alexandre Kassis
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As a security rule in our company, user creation & privileges assignation should be managed by an Identity manager tool (Currently, it is SAP IDM that is used)

  • To allow this, connector needs to be able to manage all privileges assignation via a REST API
  • Currently, all priviliges can be assigned except site_admin

Is a solution identified or a target tage available to have this feature available?

Support ticket open, requesting to open an "Idea Exchane": 02517192

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  • in reply to Jessica Ye

    we are using ALMQC 16. Could you please share link to documentation for this API in ALMQC 17?

    Thank you very much for you support.
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    Hi Igor,

    Which version of ALM/QC are you using?

    The REST API for site admin privilege assignment is already available in ALM 17.

  •   in reply to Igor-alexandre Kassis

    Hi Igor.

    The idea has been moved to the ALM/QC Idea Exchange.

  • Thank you very much for the update.

    The feature expected is to be able to assign "Site_admin" privilege via REST API.

    Connector is a term on "Identity manager", so I mean IDM "connector"

       *Idea is not linked to "MF connect". Is it possible to move it under ALM QC?

    Thank you very much for your support.
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