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API/Tool for ALM New Configuration

Saptarshi Shome Saptarshi Shome
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Hello Team,

To add a configuration  item  in ALM currently we are following the below steps after Login in to the ALM manually. We are looking for an automated process to pick the project name from a source (In this case service now/ text file/Database) and add to a ALM project.
Could you please advise if we have any API or tool/process that can achieve the above requirement ? if not can we have query to update it in the ALM backend that will achieve the same results

Step 1 : Configuration -->Project lists (Shared)-->All Projects --> New Item
Step2: Cross Project Customization --> Select the projects --> Verify -->Apply Customization


    REST API to add items to project list is not available yet. It's an enhancement in our backlog.