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Category in Defect Progress report Lost ALM QC 155

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1 month ago

When ever we create category in defect progress report .For e,g Combined the status "New" ,
Open" and "Reopen" into one.

After creating the category for status “new”, “open” and “reopen” user moved to the defect module and closed one the of open defect hence changing the status from open to closed .Once the status is changed in the defect module and if we come back to the defect progress report under the analysis view we will see that the category which was created here is lost and if there is another user who's logging to the same project and accessing the same defect progress report even he cannot see the category so we need a solution to address this issue. As per microfocus this can be solved by moving away from the defect progress report to some other module after changing the defect status and effect module but this cannot be a concrete solution. I was expecting the refresh button in the defect progress graph should work and it should show us the updated report but it seems that the refresh button is not working .Can you please work on this issue and get it fixed in future version of ALM. Let me know if any further information is required in order to troubleshoot and fix the issue.