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Enhancement Function for SiteAdministration

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2 months ago

Creating new users in the SiteAdmin should be enhaned with a new function. When we create a new user in the siteadmin we are able to assign the to a project but not in "Permission Group". We had already over 50 projects in QC and if we enter 5 user and assign them to projects we must log in to all the project and give them group permission. The group permission assignment should be done after we create the account and assign them to a project in the site admin. We waste to much time by log in to projects, open customizing, select "Group permission" and move user to group.


Site Administration
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your feedback. This is indeed a generic request and it's in our backlog. As the 1st step, we're going to support it by rest API.

  • Hello

    Sorry you hear you encountered difficulties.

    Project Insight for ALM has 4 specific tools which I referred to in my initial reply

    • Bulk User Import.  This feature lets you enter user details ( including the group to assign to), in bulk, then import them into the project with one click

    • User Copy:  This feature lets you copy users from another project AND assign them to your desired group, again with one click.

    • User Reassign:  This feature lets you reassign user roles for multiple users with one click.

    • User Remove:  This feature lets you remove users from the project in bulk (not the site)

    I've posted a short video on YouTube which explains how these features work

    Youtube: Project Insight for ALM: User Administration

    If you have more questions, please do reach to us for help.


  • Hello,

    thank you for your information. 

    I install the application and get the lic.Key for trial.

    As far as I can see there is no possibillity to do the thinks a mentioned below in this tool.

    I can't see any benefit of this tool and there is no user guide which describes me the needed information "How to use this tool".

    So far It is not possible to use this tool during my work with QC Site Admin.

  • Wish granted!

    Have a look at Project Insight for ALM, available from the Micro Focus
    AppDelivery Marketplace. It has an entire suite of tools will save you time.

    In your case, this is exactly the way one of our clients uses the tool - adding users and assigning their
    respective groups in one click.  You can also copy users in bulk from other projects and do the same.

    The community license is free, the pro version has all the advanced tools but there is a trial available.

    Project Insight For Micro Focus ALM