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Excel Add-in install Ease of Access (C++ Redistributable)

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4 months ago


When installing the ALM Add-in, an error is thrown if any C++ redistributable past the 2015-2019 version is previously installed on the system. This is only a problem if the organization has versions of the C++ redistributable that other programs depend on, as the installer only offers the C++ redistributable if there was not a previous version, and some organizations do not want to use that version.


Install the 2015-2019 C++ redistributable on your system

Attempt to install excel Add-in

Current Workaround:

Remove the C++ version you have

Install Excel Add-in

Reinstall/update-to redistributable that was previously employed

Enhancement Description:

The add-in should either:

Accept newer versions of C++ redistributable during installation


Have the capability of installing the separate C++ redistributable instance (this I would not recommend, as one organization noted ‘security flaws’ in the 2015 version(included with add-in) so not all organizations want to use this)


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