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Hyperlinks cannot default to Edge browser

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Hyperlinks cannot default to Edge browser

PROBLEM: Please provide a short description of the problem you are trying to solve. Not how you want the problem solved but what the actual problem that needs to be solved and/or result that you are looking for.  Include the business impact.

There is no way to have TD links default to Edge. This is becoming a frequent issue among customers. Customers would like a way to have TD links default to opening Edge.

SCENARIO: Describe a scenario when the situation occurs (include the steps to reproduce).

It is a constant

CURRENT WORKAROUNDS: Describe any workarounds used today.

We can use the client launcher, but that’s my only workaround.

CURRENT SITUATION: Describe what is unacceptable about the current workaround.

Many customers are now deprecating IE. Many of those are using Edge instead, and not all of them can (or want to) use the client launcher

USER SCENARIO: Please describe the user scenario and workflow associated with the enhancement.

The user sends emails with links to entities within projects. The links open IE. Soon, for this organization, IE will not be on the client machines anymore. A workaround besides the client launcher will have to be used.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Please provide a detailed description of your requirements for the enhancement to help us evaluate the feasibility. Include how you think the enhancement/feature should be implemented to best solve the problem.

When exporting a link we could have an option at that time for what browser the link will be opened in


Clicking the link could open an option menu for how the link will be opened (this doesn’t seem quite feasible)


There could be a Site Admin parameter that controls the format of links exported (I like this idea the best)

USER IMPACT: Please describe the user impact of this enhancement; the number of users it would benefit, quantitative time savings, etc...

It seems like everybody is getting rid of IE. This could potentially impact EVERYBODY who uses ALM.

BUSINESS CASE: Please include why you believe that this enhancement will be beneficial to a large number of customers/users outside your organization and why it should form a part of the standard product.

This would decrease downtime as well as improving customer perception and retention

How frequently would you use this enhancement?

Every time we export a link