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Make add-ins not version dependent

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5 months ago

My company has to package the client and add-ins to push to machines, as users do not have administrative rights.  We can have two versions of the client installed on a machine and users can switch between version without issues. In addition, users can now use one Excel Add-in or Excel Business Views and point to more than one ALM version.  However, the remaining add-ins are based on the version of the OTACLIENT.dll registered on the machine.  

The add-ins work on multiple versions, but the users have to re-register to switch to a different version of ALM.  Due to the size of our installation, we upgrade over a period of months.  Allowing the add-ins to function regardless of version registered would be a huge help. 


Business View
Excel Add-In
  • May I know what exact add-ins and versions are concerned?

    We checked and see many add-ins are independent to ALM client registration for their recent versions. I assume we will need to dig deep to see what's blocking you.

  • I totally understand the pain. But, do not get mad at me for stepping in here (since this was posted as New Idea) instead of someone from MF R&D team or Product Management team. Hopefully, someone from those teams may jump here for you. 

    But, ACL is designed to register other products (MF and 3rd party tools). 

    This does not need to be packaged in Enterprise level. 

    Hope you have installed 15.51 in your lower environment. When you installed ALM 15.51, you have option to deploy ACL. So, when user launch alm site (.../qcnin) they can download ACL (from ALM server or marketplace). This download does not need admin rights in PC and no admin rights needed to launch ACL in users' PC. ACL is a light weight browser less executable tool to launch ALM. 

    Also, ACL is designed to register its OTA dll without having admin rights in users' PC to register OTA dll. 

    you may visit ACL guide, if you have not visited it.

  • We have to package the client, we cannot use the ALM Client Launcher.  When we package the client, it registers the version of the client, which means the add-ins will not work with the earlier version of ALM QC.  Excel Add-in and Business Views Add-in will work with either version of ALM.  However, UFT Add-in, Sprinter, Screen Recorder and Explorer will only work with one version.

    We are upgrading from ALM v 12.55 to ALM v 15.51.  We have a large installation with very narrow options for running and installing software.  With 30,000 machines, 1,000 active projects, we will be upgrading projects between ALM 12.55 to ALM 15.51 over the next 3 months.  Users may be leveraging both versions for up to 3 months.  Any changes made won't help with the current upgrade, but will be useful in the future. 

  • Which version of ALM are you using?

    Did you try to test OTA incompatibility issue or error using ALM Client Launcher (ACL) which does not need admin rights in client PC?