Idea ID: 2873908

Make the 'Planned' line on the 'Planned v Actual Health Report' Fluctuate Instead of a Straight Diagonal Line

Status : New Idea

I am submitting this idea at the recommendation of my Micro Focus Customer Success Representative. I am writing to ask that the Micro Focus R & D team please add an item to their backlog to make the 'planned' line on the Planned v Actual graph (the light blue line) fluctuate instead of just being a straight, diagonal line that goes up the screen from left to right. Our leaders that use this report want to be able to see on a day to day basis, how many tests were planned to be executed, and how many were actually executed. This graph in it's current state only gives you half of the story (how many tests were actually executed each day). I feel this graph would be more effective if the planned line would fluctuate day to day depending on how many tests are planned to be executed on each of those dates, instead of a straight, diagonal line going up the screen based on the anticipated total of tests to be executed. In other words I feel that the planned line should operate similar to the actual line (the green line), which does fluctuate depending on how many tests were executed each day. If the R & D team could please add this item to your backlog to try and build into a future version of ALM (as soon as possible) that would be great! Thanks so much for your consideration!!