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QoT Missing features

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Hello, we did a short study 2 years ago on QoT and we found the following missing features (see list bellow CONS).

The idea is that our Integration Validation team when going in  Test Fields, outside Airbus premises, the testers could check of the current bugs are fixed or not. So for that they need to have access to the open defects in offline mode.

Do you know if the new versions of QoT allows that ?

If not : @MF QoT Dev team : is it possible to bring these new features in the QoT roadmap ? 

Here the list of our CONS ideas:

1) QoT does not enable to download DEFECTS from ALM Quality Center in order to modify them off line and to update the QC data base after that. It is only possible to create new defects inside QoT and transfer them inside QC.

Therefore QoT is not a way to work with existing defects in off line mode. It does not replace the Excel Add-in tool that enables only one-shot defects transfer inside QC data base.

2) Inside QC TEST LAB, a test instance can have an attachment (file or URL). When the campaign is downloaded inside QoT, the attachments are not downloaded and cannot be red in off line mode.

3) It is not possible to download ONCE a TEST LAB tree: at each level of the folder tree the download operation should be restarted by crossing the wanted folder(s).
Be aware of this point because you may forget some campaigns that could be useful for the off line tests in the field.

kind regads

PS  :  Before taking additional time to test again the QoT in our environment, could you please answer if these 3 points were implemented or not since 2019



Field Enhancements
  • Here is what I was able to discover:

    1. QoT does not enable downloading DEFECTS from ALM Quality Center - this feature requires setting a synchronization mechanism that is not in the current QoT scope.
    2. The attachments of test instances are not downloaded - already supported in the latest version of QoT.
    3. It is impossible to download ONCE a TEST LAB tree - when downloading a folder, only the first level test sets are downloaded. Test sets nested inside the subfolders are currently ignored. However, the technical feasibility of adding this functionality is evaluated.
  • Thank you Leo for your clarifications.

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