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Save Changes Before Automatic Disconnect

Status : New Idea

It would be nice if ALM saved current changes when a user runs into an auto-disconnect because of extended idle time. Currently, in a version-controlled project, when a user checks out a test, and starts making changes, if they step away for an extended time and get auto-disconnected, those unapplied changes are lost.

There are definitely workarounds:

1. Check in the test before stepping away.

2. Close the browser before stepping away. That actually performs a logoff/disconnect and saves changes.

3. Explicitly log off before stepping away. Changes are saved before the logoff.


It would be helpful if the auto-disconnect feature acted like the above three workarounds, and simply saved changes before disconnecting.




  • I've noticed that if my session times out, it does not save where I was within ALM (active module,  selected item in test plan / test lab).


    1. Disconnect / reconnect to project
      1. Click on "Domain: ... Project: ..." dropdown
      2. Choose "Select..." (takes you back to login screen, but stays logged in).
      3. Don't change anything on login screen, just click "Login" button. 
    2. Try to remember to log off before session times out