Populate "Test Set Folder Name" in a Defect Field when defect is created linked to Test Instance

over 1 year ago

Dear All,



I need your help to populate a custom Defect Field say "BG_USER_05" with Test Set Folder Name.

If i create and link a new defect from Test Lab ( Test Set or Test Instance) then "BG_USER_05" should be populated with Test Set Folder Name.

Need your help to populate the test set Folder Name through customization script in the Defect Field.


Thanks in advance for your Kind help on above.


Here is my code which i tried but unsuccessful.

Sub Bug_New



Set tsTestSetID = TestSet_Fields.Field("CY_CYCLE_ID").Value

Set PrntFldr = tsTestSetID.Field("CY_FOLDER_NAME").Value

Bug_Fields("BG_USER_05").Value = PrntFldr

End Sub


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