QTP License Server configuration to auto-release the old licenses

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We have a QTP 11 concurrent users license server managed by Sentinel RMS License server. Currently if user opens QTP and he/she never closes the application even after 2 days the license is not getting released. However we feel like we will need to set a standard license expiry time for every session, so that the licenses are not consumed completely and it automatically release after a specified time.


Kindly share your thoughts to configure this. Thanks a lot.


  • Hi,


    We are encountering the same problem for a few weeks now ...

    When QTP has finished its job, and is in idle state, the license is not getting released.

    Even when we close QTP it takes a very, very long time (or even systemreboot) to release the license.


    The Key Lifetime is set to 900 secs (default), so I expect that licenses are released after this period of time.

    But this doesn't seem to work (anymore, we did not have this problem in the past).


    QTP11, last update: patch QTP_00834






  • I raised this same issue with HP support. The short answer is that the only time the licenses are released is when the program exits.

    The expiration time of the license is 15 minutes, but that just means it has to be renewed. The QTP application was constructed to renew the license repeatedly as long as it was running. It doesn't matter if it is idle.

    There is no way from the License Server to "release" (or take) an individual license from a user because they are idle.

    I plan to file an enhancement request. I suggest you do the same. The more customers that complain, the more likely they are to change the product.
  • I've have just raised the issue with HP.


    It is causing us major issues, as we have 50 licenses and about 80 computers which QTP is istalled.  this means we are always out of licenses because after a test run qtp is left open taking a license is doesnt need.


    note we run QTP via ALM which leaves QTP open after a test run and just isnt feasible to go roudn closing QTP after every run.



  • You can automate closing QTP/UFT at the end of runtime


    I wrote UFT.CLoser.exe fired at the end of the test flow

    It starts, waits for 15 seconds to left QTP exit runtime and next closes QTP/UFT and finally closes itself.


    Email me if any interest - am@energyray.com

  • You can refresh the licenses from wlmadmin.exe present in the license server to disconnect idle licenses.

  • @GaMa


    Please explain exactly which steps you are executing in wlmadmin.exe to take back license from workstations where QTP has been idle for some period of time.


    Since HP said there is no functionality to reclaim idle licenses, and the enhancement request does not indicate it has been implmented, I am dubious about your statement that you have found a way to achieve this.