<UFT Support Tip>:"A reference to variable parameter 'IDS_BD' cannot be resolved. The variable or.."

On attempt to use PDetails.xsl in custom function for converting Run Result Reports to HTML file , below error is observed:


The error is caused by missing definition of variable ‘IDS_BD’ within PDetails.xsl file. All of the used variables within PDetails.xsl are defined in PStringTable.xsl file

Both files are located in <UFT target installed folder>\Dat\ folder.



In order to resolve the problem please follow below steps:

  1. Add a reference to PStringTable.xsl file within PDetails.xsl, for example add below line to PDetails.xsl:


<xsl:include href="PStringTable.xsl"/>




 2. Define each of the required variables directly within PDetails.xsl file


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