QTP/UFT Support Tip: Run QTP/UFT and the application under test (AUT) in background, both?

You might be tempted to think about the idea of executing all the test automation in background. Both, QTP/UFT and the application under test (AUT).

Is that possible?

There is a reference in the following KB article:

Can tests be run in the background?



In addition to the above, the most similar approach perhaps would be to quick-off the script execution using an automated script (AOM – See in Help: HP QTP Advanced Preferences > HP QTP Automated Object Model) or from HP Quality Center (QC) or Application Lifecyle Management (ALM), and then select that QTP won’t be visible (Hidden mode).






Run in hidden mode from QC/ALM
In Help: HP QuickTest Professional User Guide > Working with Quality Center > Quality Center Integration> Remote Agent Settings Dialog Box


“Specifies whether to run QuickTest in hidden (silent) mode when you run a test set from the Test Lab module in Quality Center. By default, this option is selected.

Display hidden-mode notification tooltip: If this check box is selected, the Remote Agent displays a tooltip window when QuickTest runs a Quality Center test in hidden mode. You can click the tooltip to display QuickTest during the test set run. By default, this option is selected.


  • Clicking the notification tooltip clears the Run QuickTest in hidden mode check box and QuickTest will run in normal mode. You can run QuickTest in hidden mode again by reselecting Run QuickTest in hidden mode before the next test set run.
  • When running in hidden mode, QuickTest can be optionally redisplayed at the end of each test or at the end of the test set. This behavior is configured in Quality Center Site Administration using the SUPPORT_TESTSET_END parameter. For details, see the section on setting Quality Center configuration parameters in the Quality Center or HP ALM administrator guide.”




What is the QuickTest Automation Object Model (AOM) and how is it used?



Make QTP application Visible using AOM:

In Help: HP QTP Advance references > Application Object > Properties > Visible Property.


qtApp.Visible = True ' Make the QuickTest application visible


The above code will control if QTP GUI hides or shows, but the machine's control would still be handled completely by QTP/UFT during the test execution. This can also help for memory and CPU consumption, but for sure you won’t be able to do anything else on the machine while the test is executed since the machine’s control should be driven only by QTP.