QTP/UFT Support Tip: UFT crash or hang on start up ( splash screen )

Hello everyone,


There have been few issues reported where UFT 11.5x crash/hang at start up or launch. Most of them right after the Add-in Manager dialog or in the splash screen.




Below are the solutions used for most cases.


1) It could be a corrupt installation of UFT; steps to try:


  • Perform a clean uninstall/reinstall according to the official article:  KM00319750
  • Get involve your System Administrator to make sure UFT is installed with Full Admin Rights: KM183747
  • The User Account Control (UAC) needs to be disabled, as mentioned in the article above.
  • There are Antivirus that prevent the installation to be done successfully, if any, it would be good to have it disabled during the installation: KM825600
  • ·         Try downloading UFT image (ISO) again, since it could be corrupted, and check the MD5 checksum: KM00316304


2) Try the steps on the below article:



3) check whether the directory below exists in your 32bit machine?




For this, please go to Start menu, then Run and then type “%systemroot%\SysWOW64” and press Enter key.


If this directory exists on your 32 bits environment, then, rename the SysWOW64 directory for the duration of the UFT install (rename the directory, reinstall UFT and then rename it back if necessary).


Important Note: This applies to 32-bit Operating Systems only, and is not needed or recommended on any 64-bit Operating System.


4) Currently, there is a Defect (QCIM1J61782) which is under R&D investigation. For this specific issue they have created a temporary fix. If you have already tried all steps above feel free to open a support ticket so and Engineer can determine if such fix can be apply on your scenario.


Hope this helps.