How to avoid testers making changes to test scripts



I would like to know if we are able to restrict testers from making changes to the Test Scripts.How do we restrict all the testers from making changes to the test scripts and just allow only one tester to make changes. Is there a user defined setting or will this be a role defined setting to prevent any changes happening to test scripts. Could you please explain. Thank you much appreactied!

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    If you're tests are stored in ALM/QC, you should investigate the Groups and Permissions options available within that product. I believe there is an option to set tests cases so that only the person who created it can modify it.


    If you want to restrict modifications to one person across the whole project, and that person is not the one who created the test case originally, that will be much more difficult. I don't think that can be done in a way that will work for both UFT (which operates through the ALM OTA API) and through the ALM UI. You might want to consider implementing Version Control in your project so that you could at least revert to the version of a test script before it was changed.