QTP/UFT Support Tip: Text Recognition not working on Windows Vista, 7 or 2008

Hello everyone,


Please take in consideration the following: “On Windows Vista, 7 or 2008 operating system (32bits or 64bits), QuickTest Professional (QTP) 9.X or higher version's text recognition features (such as text checkpoints and output values, GetVisibleText and GetTextLocation test object methods, and TextUtil.GetText and TextUtil.GetTextLocation reserved object methods) are limited and are not always reliable”.


The information above was taken from KB article below, please check it for more details and some approaches to workaround this known issue:



Also, you might want to check the documentation below for more alternatives:



  • From QTP Help: HP QuickTest Professional User Guide > Enhancing Tests > Text Recognition for Windows-Based Objects > Guidelines for Text Recognition.


As mentioned above Windows 7 text recognition is unreliable. As an approach, you can try to use instead: “Standard Checkpoints” or the “GetTOProperty”.


Also, we already have created an Enhancement Request to R&D department and it was successfully submitted, its ID is QCCR1J30199 you can track its progress in the below link:



Hope this helps.