Sprinter tip: When connecting Sprinter 11.5 to ALM the error "Failed to connect to HP ALM" appears.

First think to consider is the compatibility with other tools like UFT/QTP

Sprinter 11 can be installed on the same machine were QTP 11 is installed, if the machien has UFT, both will fail.

Sprinter 11.5 can be installed on a machine with UFT 11.5, if QTP 11 or below is installed both will fail.



Second action to do: Check the version and patch of ALM

Sprinter 11.5    supports ALM 11 - Starter Edition with patch 9.

Sprinter 11.52  supports ALM 11 - Starter Edition  with Patch 12.

Sprinter 11.5    works by default with ALM 11.5

Sprinter 11.52  works by default with ALM 11.52


For more details you can visit About HP Sprinter

Note: is recommended to have installed always the latest patch for Sprinter.



Next step will be check if ALM client session is opening properly from Internet Explorer. If no then is necessary check the permissions of the machine and ensure that ALM session will open properly.

As soon as ALM session opens properly repair Sprinter with tan admin user.



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