QTP/UFT Support Tip: How to upgrade from QTP and/or ST to Unified Functional Testing (UFT)?

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Please find below one of the most commond question/answer these days, the information is on article: KM00316304
If you want to upgrade to UFT, please consider the following information:
  1. Download UFT Image from the Web Site
    1. Go to: http://support.openview.hp.com/software_updates.jsp
    2. Select My Updates
    3. Provide your SAID and accept the Terms anc conditions
    4. Expand the “Application Lifecycle Management Center” for UFT or Service Test 11.5
    5. Select the version needed and click on Get Software Updates
    6. Then please click on Get Software and download it using the HP Download Manager Tool
    7. Please confirm the MD5 Checksum of the new image file to guarantee that we will work with a not corrupted image file
  2. Install UFT 11.5 and consider the Installation Guide for reference: UFT 11.5 Installation Guide 

  3. If after upgrade process fails on machines of your environment, HP recommends a clean uninstall of UFT. For more information see Document ID KM00319750 - How to clean uninstall Unified Functional Testing (UFT)?



  • There is backward compatibility among scripts created in QTP 10, QTP 11 and UFT 11.5. Note: there are features from newer versions that will not work on older versions (for example, XPath or Visual Relation will not work in QTP 10, Insight recording will not work in QTP 11 and 10, etc.)
  • If a test is stored in ALM and was created using QTP 9.5 (or below), it will open in read-only mode in UFT. To edit the test, it must be first upgraded to QTP 11 using the QTP Asset Upgrade Tool for ALM (found on the QTP 11 installation DVD). After upgrading the test to QTP 11, you can open it in UFT 11.5.
  • When opening a test in the file system that was created using QTP 9.5 or earlier, you may be asked whether you want to convert it or view it in read-only format.
  • If you have many tests that need to be updated to the current format, you can create a script that iterates through all of your tests to open and save each one in the new format. For details refer to KM200021.


Hope this helps