Need demo key to install trial version

I have downloaded trial version of Unified Functional Testing 12.0. When i am trying to install it, it asked me license key. Can you please provide me demo key, so that i can use this software.

You can send key on id as well. 

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  • During the installation when it asks if you want to use a Seat or Concurrent License, you should be able to select Seat License and then have the software available for a 30 day trial without entering any license key.

    Per the Installation Guide for UFT:
    Requesting a Seat License Key
    When you install UFT with a seat license for the first time, it includes a 30-day demo license. To use UFT beyond the 30-day period, you must request and activate a license key for your copy of UFT.

    The guide also provides instructions for how to request a license key, and that isn't through this forum.
  • Hi @Anand1185


    As Trudy stated, the HP UFT Trial does not require a license key, and you should be able to continue through that step in the installation without entering a key if you have selected the Seat License trial option.  Are you are evaluating this for possible implementation as a test automation tool?  If so, it may be helpful as well to speak with an HP Software account rep regarding features, licensing, pricing, etc.  I am happy to help align you with the appropriate rep if this would be helpful.