LeanFT - Can't view Last Run Results

Using Intellij and created a LeanFT maven project.  The test runs fine, but afterwards, in the LeanFT pull-down menu, the Veiw Last Run Results item is grayed out. Some form of results are created.. Any ideas?

From my TestRunner.java class, sans imports:

features = "src/test/java/com/orasi/Features",
//glue the script to a package where the step definitions can be found.
glue = "com.orasi.StepDefinitions",
plugin = {
tags = {"@TID42009REV0.4.0"}

public class TestRunner {
public void Test() {}

From my TestRunner.java class, sans imports:

public class CompleteContctUsForm {

Browser browser;

@Given("^a customer fills in the Contct Us form$")
public void a_customer_fills_in_the_Contct_Us_form() throws Throwable {

ModifiableSDKConfiguration config = new ModifiableSDKConfiguration();
config.setServerAddress(new URI("ws://localhost:5095"));

browser = BrowserFactory.launch(BrowserType.FIREFOX);

//Contact Us
browser.describe(WebElement.class, new WebElementDescription.Builder()
.tagName("SPAN").innerText("CONTACT US").outerText("CONTACT US").index(0).build()).click();

//first name
browser.describe(Frame.class, new FrameDescription.Builder()
.id("").name("").index(0).build()).describe(EditField.class, new EditFieldDescription.Builder()

@When("^they click the submit button$")
public void they_click_the_submit_button() throws Throwable {

browser.describe(Button.class, new ButtonDescription.Builder()

@Then("^they get the thank you message$")
public void they_get_the_thank_you_message() throws Throwable {





Here are the results:

  • Hi Jean

    The LeanFT HTML test report will be available OOTB only if you will be using the LeanFT templates. as the LeanFT templates are not used, the report is not generated and you cannot open it from the intelliJ menu.

    If you would like to have the LeanFT report without using the template, you can have your class inherit the LeanFT UnitTestClassBase and this will generate the report for you...

    a couple more questions:

    1. What version of LeanFT are you using ?

    2. iIf you don't mind sharing this info - what company are you working for ?