UFT is not working properly with web objects on Firefox...

First of all, let's take a look on the version of the programs:


UFT: 11.53 build 0382 (Installed the UFT_000444)

Internet Explorer: 10.0.9200.16750

Firefox: 24.2.0


The problem: On IE we don't have any issue when we are working with web objects recognition and operation. On Firefox, we can recoginze the objects and operate until certain point.


Follow a script sample and the description of the problem.


'Before run this script, open the browser on this url: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_tables.asp

Call TestBrowser(1,"Right")


Sub TestBrowser(ColumnIndex,ExpectedAlignement)
Dim x

Dim strTextResult, strAlignment

Dim theTableObject, theCellRow
Dim theCell
Dim theCellStyle

strTextResult = ""

'Captured the object via XPath in order to make the execution independent of the browser

Set objTable = Browser("Title:=.*").Page("Title:=.*").WebTable("xpath:=//h2[text()='HTML Table Example:']/../table[@cellpadding=3]")


If not objTable.Exist(0) Then
msgbox "Object doesn't exist."

intRowsNumber = objTable.RowCount

For x=0 To intRowsNumber -1

Set theTableObject=objTable.Object

'On Firefox the following error occurs on this line below: TypeError: obj[GetCaseInsensitiveName(...)].apply is not a function
Set theCellRow=theTableObject.rows(x)

Set theCell=theCellRow.Cells(ColumnIndex)
Set theCellStyle = theCell.currentStyle

strAlignment = theCellStyle.textAlign ''Get the align property of every cell

If UCASE(strAlignment) <> UCASE(strAlign)Then
strTextResult = strTextResult & "Row: " & x & ". Column: " & ColumnIndex & ". Expected: " & ExpectedAlignement & ". Found: " & strAlignment & ". " & vbcrlf
End If


If strTextResult<>"" Then
msgbox strTextResult
End If
End If
End Sub



So, basically, the Object method is not working on Firefox. I would like to know if anybody has an alternative to this in order to get the same script working on both browsers.


Thank you very much in advance!