UFT Integration with Bamboo for Continuous Testing

I have the UFT plug-in installed on the Bamboo server. Now, I am trying to "configure" HP File System Execution in accordance with the intructions provided in this article: /t5/All-About-the-Apps/UFT-now-integrates-with-Bamboo-for-an-improved-Continuous/ba-p/6806123

To configure a "task", the instruction says "put paths to test(s). And the path is where you define which UFT test to run in this task."

Question: Does the instruction mean where my UFT file is under the Bamboo plan "Repository" configuration? (That is, I have to first store my UFT file somewhere in either GIT or SVN reposioty and tell the Bamboo server to fetch from there?)

Question: There are two kinds of "plan"s offered by the Bamboo server; namely, build plan and deployment plan. After the UFT plugin has installed on the Bamboo erver,

I went to my "build plan" to configure a "task". I was able to see the "test" category and those newly installed HP UFT tools on the menu. (screenshot shown in the first attachment)

But, I went to my "deployment plan" to configure a "task" (Deployment plan is a plan with "cloud" symbol), there is no "test" category at all. (screenshot shown in the second attachment)

But, UFT tests are usually performed after applications have been deployed. Why doesn't "deployment plan" offer "test"?