LeanFT - Error Executing in eclipse or from Jenkins Session id is not registered

I have started seeing the below exception while executing leanft tests in eclipse or Jenkins and LeanFT engine becomes disabled.

com.hp.lft.sdk.GeneralLeanFtException: Session with id: d9a2bb88-7c5e-4518-b446-226ba2b9c2d4 is not registered

What is causing this exception?


  • Hi All,

    I'm trying upload Leanft testng results to ALM from jenkins but gerring below error.

    INFO: Start to login to ALM Server.
    Start login to ALM server.
    Login to ALM Server at https://**********/qcbin/ failed. Status Code: 400
    WARN: there's exception while uploading C:\Program Files\Jenkins\jobs\LeanFtTestRun\builds\136\testng\testng-results.xml.
    INFO: 'Upload test result to ALM' Completed.
    Build step 'Upload test result to ALM' changed build result to UNSTABLE

    Can anyone help me here..

    Thanks in Advance..

    Maruti P

  • Hi Christy,

    Can you elaborate a bit on the issue?

    Is it consistent in all runs from Eclipse?

    Are you running tests on the local machine, or remote execution?

    What version of LeanFT are you using?

    Which technology are you testing?

    The cause of such an error may be some communication issue, we will need the leanft engine logs (preferably in trace level) to understand more.