Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes

TestExportTool gives error message below when I execute command:

java -jar "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LeanFT\Tools\TestExportTool\test-export-tool.jar" "C:\LeanFT\MyTestNGTests.jar" -classpath:"C:\TestNG\testng.jar"

I generated artifact with IntelliJ IDEA from TestNG test case.



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  • I have LeanFT 14.03 on my machine and I am executing the following command:

    java -jar "C:\Program Files (x86)\HPE\LeanFT\Tools\TestExportTool\test-export-tool.jar" "C:\LeanFT\TestNGTests.jar" -classpath:"C:\TestNG\testng.jar" -framework:TestNG

    i am receiving the following output:

    Hewlett-Packard Enterprise LeanFT Test Export Tool.
    (2) TestNG test(s) were successfully exported to 'C:\LeanFT\TestNGTests.xml' (overwritten).