HP UFT 12, 12.01 & 12.02 Crash during debugging phase

During the implementation of automated testing (with HP UFT 12 or 12.01 and rarely also with 11.53), during debugging, after a few clicks on F10 or F11 (Step Over and Step Into) we find that UFT crashes systematically .
With the same mode of development (we use an our internal framework), we note also that using QTP 11 or UFT 11.52 we can work without these technical problems (the tool does not crash; or if it does, it happens very very rarely, almost non-existent case).
Could someone help us out?


  • Do you use record and playback or expert view?


    We are having a similar issue. We do not use record and playback. So we have a pair of fairly large function libraries which HP believes is causing the problem. But as you said, it was not an issue prior to 12. As far as memory is concerned, we use 4 per box, but I did bump one box up to 8 gigs and experienced the same behavior.


    If we come to some resolution, I will be certain to post here.




  • We did the same experiment, with same result. For all that concern the increasing of RAM.
    We use an our "custom framework" with many libraries; we don't have this issue with prior version of UFT (the best for us is UFT 11.52).

    actually we have to try UFT 12.02. I'll keep you informed.



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