HP UFT 12, 12.01 & 12.02 Crash during debugging phase

During the implementation of automated testing (with HP UFT 12 or 12.01 and rarely also with 11.53), during debugging, after a few clicks on F10 or F11 (Step Over and Step Into) we find that UFT crashes systematically .
With the same mode of development (we use an our internal framework), we note also that using QTP 11 or UFT 11.52 we can work without these technical problems (the tool does not crash; or if it does, it happens very very rarely, almost non-existent case).
Could someone help us out?


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  • in your framework, did you use any of those methods?





    If so, you might need 12.02 Patch 1 to fix this.


    Another thing which may relate to debugging, I found that PDM version does have affect on memory consumption and crash issue. I tried with different PDM versions and found that the one came with IE11 seems to be stable. You may try to register the PDM.DLL within IE11 32bit folder and try it again.

  • Hi.  In our case, yes in January we did run into issues using Reporter.LogEvent, and we resolved those. 

    This was due to Reporter.LogEvent being a hidden method that is not supported by HP UFT.

    Per instructions from HP Support, we needed to remove TDMReporter from the Registry in two locations:


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\ReservedObjects\




    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\ReservedObjects\


    Doing that resolved that issue, and it no longer locked up with Reporter.LogEvent.



    The freezing/locking up issue we are seeing here appears to be a separate issue and HP support has not connected it back to the same cause (i.e. use of hidden functions or the TDMReporter).  I still have a service request open. 


    This issue is specific to accessing a Network Drive with the GetFolder method for a FileSystemObject, and to recreate it, you must be either watching variables or have the local variables tab showing while stepping with F10 or F11.


    Our pdm.dll is very recent and it was sent to us by HP, but we are not on IE11 because we are using ALM 11.52 which is only compatible up to IE10.


    We have much older pdm.dll's on other machines where we have QTP installed, and QTP does not have this same issue.