HP UFT 12, 12.01 & 12.02 Crash during debugging phase

During the implementation of automated testing (with HP UFT 12 or 12.01 and rarely also with 11.53), during debugging, after a few clicks on F10 or F11 (Step Over and Step Into) we find that UFT crashes systematically .
With the same mode of development (we use an our internal framework), we note also that using QTP 11 or UFT 11.52 we can work without these technical problems (the tool does not crash; or if it does, it happens very very rarely, almost non-existent case).
Could someone help us out?


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    Here is the code to reproduce. The way it is shown below it actually will NOT freeze. It is accessing something from the C drive. Our K drive is a network drive. If you were to uncomment that line of code, it will freeze when stepping through. The only way to get out is kill the process in Task Manager.  You must be watching variables or have the local variables tab showing for it to recreate.  Does anyone have any information specific to access network drives that could cause UFT to freeze while stepping through debug and watching variables?  This code worked fine with QTP 11.00.



    Dim folderObject
    Set folderObject = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    ' Set objFolder = folderObject.GetFolder("K:\QA-TESTING\Bubble Files\")

    Set objFolder = folderObject.GetFolder("C:\Program Files (x86)")

    Set colSubFolders = objFolder.Subfolders



    UFT 12.02

    Windows 2008 R2

    6GB RAM

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