Can inspect object using Spy but the object can not be added to repository

Hi All,

I have situation in my project where I can inspect object using  Spy but while adding the same object to repository, it gives error "Selected object cannot be added to the object repository"

Object details : Its a pop up window that appears after clicking on some icon. And pop up window has few buttons under it. Object closes when you navigate away from application to UFT.

  • Seems like this is dynamic object, where you are having issues to add object using the object spy window.

    You can do the following:

    Create descriptive object using any uniques identifiable properties. Descrptive programming

    Instead of adding object, CREATE object in the object reprository for that class type with the properties you see in object spy if you want an Object in the repository,


    Easier option would be to use descrptive programming and use any uniquie property eg html id or wrtie xpath.

  • Hi Kumar,

    What is the object repository size?

    When OR gets size of 8.5MB, usually we get this error pop up saying "selected object can not be added to repository".

    Possible solution is to split the object repository.