Object Spy sees a java app as window class instead of javawindow class?

Hello, I am having a problem where any java application is being seen as a window class object. Meaning that no objects in the app can be seen by QTP. This probelm just started this morning so I know the java addin and application were configured correctly. Yesterday I was coding allong just fine, I can't imagine what would have changed over night. java or windows update maybe? I have went as far as to uninstall and reinstall qtp with no affect.  Any advise?




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  • Never mind Its not working again. Checked jre version and im still at 1.6.26 and my environment variables are set correctly. Was working great yesterday, go to test some new code and all I can see is the window class again. I am really starting to dislike QTP. it seems like I spend the first half of everyday fixing this java issue just to have it happen the next morning. Anyone have any Idea why this is happening?



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