Object Spy sees a java app as window class instead of javawindow class?

Hello, I am having a problem where any java application is being seen as a window class object. Meaning that no objects in the app can be seen by QTP. This probelm just started this morning so I know the java addin and application were configured correctly. Yesterday I was coding allong just fine, I can't imagine what would have changed over night. java or windows update maybe? I have went as far as to uninstall and reinstall qtp with no affect.  Any advise?




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  • Monday morning, same boat... Does it maybe have something to do with 64 bit windows and QTP10? or a combination of those and jre1.6.25? Tried it on another 32bit windows 7 desktop with the same results.... What really sucks is that I have the entire test coded but can't complete testing since I cant get QTP to see the application anymore, and testing with QTP is required for this project... This is so frustrating! I don't think I will ever take another project that requires QTP.

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