Need to Connect to a Remote Desktop which is not having UFT 12.5 software installed


I am having UFT 12.5 software installed in my desktop. Problem is that I need to connect to a Remote Desktop which is not having UFT/QTP software installed and my scripts in Remote Desktop.

Please respond ASAP

Thank You.

  • Just to clarify: You have UFT installed on your local machine and would like to run your automated scripts on a remote desktop which do not have UFT installed?

    Unfortunately, that is not possible. You have to have an instance of UFT installed on the particular machine where you would like to run your automated scripts. This has been discussed earlier as well. See this thread: Execute scripts in a remote machine.

    Additionally, in version 12.50 of UFT, HPE launched a lightweight UFT installation named Runtime Engine. This is a execution-only solution which can be installed on remote desktops that will only be used for execution purposes. More information can be found here: Running Tests with the Runtime Engine.

    Good luck!