"Unspecified error" experienced in UFT with ActivateCell after ALM upgrade to 12.55 (Patch 2)


I am experiencing the "Unspecified error" in UFT with ActivateCell method after a recent ALM upgrade to version 12.55 (Patch 2).

I am experiencing this issue on separate pc's with different versions of UFT: 12.53 build 2027 and 14.02 build 3792 .

The code below for ActivateCell was working fine prior to ALM Upgrade.

SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("ES32 Display Rate Data").SAPGuiTable("Device data").ActivateCell 1,"Device"

When the line of code is executed the activation of the cell works and SAP screen changes as expected, however UFT continuously returns the "unspecified error" message shown below.


The object repository recognises the window and the target table. I have attached the last run results from UFT.

In an attempt to fix the issue by reading the other forum posts I have peformed a repair on UFT & .NET Framework from Control Panel > Programs and Features.

I also ran HPE Software > HPE UFT > Tools > Additional Installation Requirements but the issue still remains.

Any suggestions?