UFT doesn't recognize object in SAP at first, but recognize it after i click debug


I work on UFT 12.52 build 6851 with SAP 730
I already have some tests, and now i want to create a test that will launch SAP and login. When i get to the connection window, UFT cannot recognize the object.
What is really weird is that if i click on debug and then just after click the play button UFT will recognize the object.
Moreover, i noticed that if the SAP Logon window is already opened, UFT will find the connection at first try.

Thanks a lot for any insight you might have,

Error message :

My object repository is as follows, i can show you the other objects but the error message speak about the "session" object :

My code really isn't that particular, but if you need to see it :

If DataTable.GlobalSheet.GetCurrentRow = 1 Then
reporter.ReportEvent micDone,"Version", "Utilisation of action : '" & actionName & "' in the version : '" & version & "'"

SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\saplogon.exe","","C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui",""   'Open SAP
Dialog("SAP Logon 730").WinListView("SysListView32").Activate DataTable("Server", dtGlobalSheet)  'Open the connection to the desired server
SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP").SAPGuiEdit("Client").Set DataTable("Client", dtGlobalSheet)    'Line that gets the error
SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP").SAPGuiEdit("User").Set DataTable("User", dtGlobalSheet)
SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP").SAPGuiEdit("Password").Set DataTable("Password", dtGlobalSheet)
SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP").SAPGuiEdit("Logon Language").Set DataTable("Language", dtGlobalSheet)
SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP").SendKey ENTER
End If