Issues with datatables loaded from ALM ressources


I am using UFT 12.52  with tests stored and launched from ALM 11.52 (for SAP tests, but that's not really relevant).

I have a test that calls actions stored in other tests. The input data for every actions is stored in the local datatable. I loaded a datatable in the test ressources  and set the test to use this datatable (in test plan => test config).

When i run the test from test lab, i get errors saying my columns do not exist in the datatable.


The way i obtained my datatable is the following : I developped on UFT, and i have an export excel action. SO i took a datatable exported from UFT, and this is what i am using as a template.

When i am on UFT and want to change the datas, i use the import file feature (right click on datatable on UFT), i noticed that UFT doesn't really care about the sheet names but it sets the data in the second sheet of excel in the second sheet of UFT. So i made sure that the datatable i uploaded to ALM was importing the right sheets in the right place when using the feature import file in UFT.

I can provide the datatable i am using, but i'm not sure this is really useful as it's just and Excel file.

Thanks a lot for any input or solution you can help me with,




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  • Hi,


    I have MS redistribuable 2008, but i don't think the problem comes from the add-in as i don't have any issue to upload the ressource, see the reports and launche the tests.


    My ALM version info is the following : 

    HP Application Lifecycle Management
    Application Lifecycle Management Edition 11.52.496

    Internal Components Build

    OTA Client 11.52.496.0
    User Interface 11.52.496.0
    WebGate Client 11.52.496.0
    Test Run Scheduler 11.52.496.0
    Site Administration Client 11.52.496.0
    Sprinter 11.50.496
    Analysis Extension 11.50.496
    Quality Center 11.50.496


    For UFT, It is version 12.52 build 6851