Error message when running BPT with QEEE disabled in Windows 10


Within our company we are still supporting a few ancient SAPTAO-projects, which uses BPT components. We've recently upgraded those projects (these were still on QC11 / QTP11, ouch) to ALM12.53 / UFT14.03. As performance was incredibly slow we've deactivated the QEEE (through the registry), which basically fixed that particular performance issue. So far so good.
However, there's a company-wide OS upgrade coming up from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and with the first machine that has been upgraded we've been running some tests regarding these SAPTAO-projects that very encouraging. We're running into error messages that strangely enough points to an issue with VBA function LoadPicture (which I think is being used by SAPTAO to make screenshots).

If I delve into the error message there's a claim in there somewhere that it is unable to load a picture that is in a td_80 temp folder because access is denied, but there's nothing that should cause anything like that (even unchecked the read-only status of the folder to make sure). User account settings are set to Never Notify. This error message only occurs when the QEEE is turned off in the registry; if I turn it on again, it runs fine without error messages (only then the performance is veeeeery slow again). Just to make sure: I've also tested it with regular web tests and those are unaffected. The add-ons active on the SAPTAO projects are (regular) SAP and WEB. 

I've attached the error message to this mail with (hopefully) all relevant details. Anyone got an idea what could be wrong? Do I need different Visual C libraries, or is there another method of deactivating the QEEE and/or improving performance through different means? Something else that might solve this? 
Thanks in advance!