QTP .net windows 7 app : unhandled exception and very slow recording

Hi All,

I am working on a windows .net 4.0 application on windows 7. I have installed the required patches for 64 bit .net applciations. I noticed that whenever I try to record an object in the app the the process is very slow( Iam talking about 1-2 minutes slow sometimes for an action) While executing the recorded script sometimes tha pplication crashes and throws unhandled exception. I have seen in other posts that the app crashes with .net. Is there any patches for this.

Thanks for your help in advance.


  • Hi Shjak


    In order to work on Windows 7 and .Net 4 we recommend to try the following steps. 


    If you want to work with .NET 4.0, it is best to install it before you install QuickTest. If you install .NET 4.0 after you install QuickTest, you must manually register two .NET DLLs as follows:


    In <QuickTest installation folder>\GlobalAssemblyCache\Net4, execute the following commands:


    ..\..\bin\GACRegUtil4x86.exe -i Mercury.QTP.Agent.dll

    ..\..\bin\GACRegUtil4x86.exe -i Mercury.QTP.WpfAgent.dll


    If the issue is still reproducible probably the cause could be in your application and for this we need to investigate if any customized control or any special setting is causing the problem.


    Also we have some hotfixes that could be applied, the hotfixes are just provided under special conditions for this reason they are not public and are just provided by HP Software Support. 


    According to this we recommend to log a  new incident in the website: 


    1. Go to the website: http://support.openview.hp.com
    2. Sign in on the web site using your HP passport and SAID.
    3. Go to Case Manager
    4. Select a Technical / Product
    5. Select the Product, version and Operating system
    6. Select the SAID
    7. On the left menu, click on "submit a new case"
    8. Complete the information requested and submit the case.