Any option in UFT where all Settings can be saved then loaded to a new machine keeping all settings?


In UFT, you can change all sort of Settings including the Add-ins and save. When you go to a new machine, is there any option to load/open the same Test/Solutions and get all the Settings you had saved? (So you don't have to redo all the Settings)   If so, how is this done?




  • There is a 'Generate Script' option under Options > GUI Testing that can be used to set global options. We incorporated that into our setup script that preceeds each batch run to guarantee consistent configuration. Perhaps you could generate a sample and then see if it contains references to the settings that concern you.


  • Thought about this some more- the add-in settings are not part of the previous suggestion. Object repository, function library, recovery scenario, and add-in associations can be added to the script however.

    For example, if you wan to set add-ins programatically:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Unified Functional Testing\help\AutomationObjectModel & search for 'SetAssociatedAddins'

    So from that example we added the below to our setup script:

    'Associate Add-ins for Test
    ret = App.Test.SetAssociatedAddins(Array("Web", "ExtJS"), errDesc)
    If Not ret Then
    	MsgBox "There was an error while loading the Addins for the test." & errDesc,,"Aut"
    	Set App = Nothing
    End If

    Obviously we are using Web and ExtJS to interface with our AUT so you would insert whatever you require.



  • Thank you, Ray.  We'll try your suggestion.

    Hoping that this will work too when script is to be started from ALM/QC.

    Thanks again.



  • Hoping that this will work too when script is to be started from ALM/QC.

    Normally ALM/QC loads the Test Settings including Add-ins for the UFT tests. If that doesn't work, you most likely have an integration issue between ALM/QC and UFT.

    Can you try it on another machine?