Changing Run Events on option Execution Settings Using OTA

Is it possible to change the "execution settings" and "Run Events" tab for each step using OTA? I have not found the table or object that can change these properties.
Our goal is to run dawn tests automatically. We have over 2000 test cases that need to be changed.


  • Hmmm. It took me a while to figure out that you are referring to ALM, although you had mentioned OTA. Guess you referring to 'Execution Settings' -> 'Automated' tab in ALM settings :-P

    I too had the same challenge but haven't solved it. Still WIP because of priorities...

    Here's what I have so far.  The Automation Parameter data is stored in the 'TESTCYCL' table  in 'TC_EPARAMS' Column.  Strange thing.... this column is empty until you don't edit & save the Paramter Data in ALM.

    My plan was to update this xml data, prior to actual test run.

  • Noticed I was bit late but still relevant :-)

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